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Palm Tree Wood Waste Management In The UAE

With the rising need to preserve our natural resources, many companies around the world are implementing solutions to recycle such as wood scrap and palm tree particularly in UAE and Middle East.


Palm Tree Waste Management in the Middle East

In our region, the Middle East- especially United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and other countries in GCC where Palm trees are considered as one of the main nation’s treasures, it’s essential to find ways to sustain the tree, as well as its wood waste by recycling it into other useful forms of material such as Fertilizers or even Wooden Boards.

Using an innovative way of recycling palm tree and wood scrap, Dubai based companies developed a sustainable and environmentally clean way of meeting the UAE’s high demand for wooden board products.

The UAE annually generates around 500,000 tons of palm waste — waste that can be used to make wooden products, specifically from the fiber of the palm tree. So, instead of burning or dumping in landfills, this waste can be collected and recycled to resourceful material for a better reservation of the ecosystem.


From Wood Waste to Wood Boards

Upon the collection of the palm tree waste or wood scrap, the fiber is crushed through big grinders (Vermeer Horizontal Grinder) to small pieces which are then conditioned and sent to automated production lines before finally getting transformed into wooden boards.

Wood waste and Palm tree for recycling.
Vermeer Horizontal Grinder grinds wood waste and palm tree as main material for wood boards production.
Wood boards finished product from recycled wood waste and Palm trees.
Vermeer Horizontal Grinder in action (Dubai, United Arabic Emirates).

What does that mean?

  • Recycling wood waste for the minimization of natural resource exploitation.
  • An A-class product, i.e. a wooden board that features the highest specs possible of strength and fire inhabitation.
  • Lower import of wood boards to the UAE to meet the local market and potentially putting the country on the world top exporters of wood.

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