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Currently Vermeer Trenchers, Terrain Levelers, Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines as well as Environmental Equipment are in operation with various contractors In Saudi Arabia, Quatar &UAE.

Heavy equipment company in the United Arabic Emirates​

Our heavy equipment (heavy duty Vermeer machines) have been serving our clients in the United Arab Emirates for the last 15 years now, helping them to deliver and to commit to their projects’ timelines.

The Vermeer heavy equipment machines were used in many of the mega construction projects in the UAE executed by some of the biggest heavy equipment companies and construction contractors in the gulf.

Since the birth of our dealership in the City of Dubai, we have been committed to our customers who are mainly:

  • Heavy equipment companies in the UAE
  • Construction companies in the UAE
  • Infrastructure companies in the UAE
  • Companies in the oil and gas industry

Our clientele today includes companies based all over the seven emirates and mostly in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Fujairah.

Our main headquarter and office based in Jebel Ali Free Zone comes with a warehouse for a faster Vermeer spare parts and accessories supply as well as an on call service team whose proficiency reflects the 75 years of experience of the Vermeer corporate.

Why Vermeer Middle East

✔️ Highly Qualified Vermeer Technicians
✔️ Free Training & Unlimited Support
✔️ Local Parts Availability
✔️ Official & Exclusive Vermeer Dealer
✔️ Response within 24 hours

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Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines UAE

Since the sale of our first Horizontal Directional Drill in the UAE in 2005, Vermeer Drills were an essential addition to the fleet of construction companies in the UAE to overcome the biggest challenges, such as:

  • Setting multiple service crossings under the seabed
  • Sewerage utilities
  • Electricity utility installation
  • HDPE service ducts

We are very proud to be able to be a part of constructing a city like Dubai where a new massive project is announced almost every day such as the construction of the magnificent Palm Jumeirah. Our Vermeer none disruptive technology supported underground pipeline installation in the UAE while the powerful lineup of maxi rigs was used by the UAE contractors to conquer difficult road crossings and the toughest ground conditions.

Read more about HDD

Vermeer Middle East FZCO offers all sorts of heavy equipment to cater different industries in the UAE. Including but not limited to:

  • Surface Mining and Civil Construction in the UAE: The all-terrain Vermeer Surface Miner has proved competency in different areas of Surface Mining, Site Preparation and Terrain Leveling as well as open-cut trenching. The wide variety of functions was the reason many Surface Mining companies in the UAE starting by Civil Work Companies to Cement Quarries.
  • Landscaping in the UAE: Whether it is a landscape project on a commercial jobsite, installing small utilities on a golf course in Dubai or chipping the brushes in a personal farm in Ras Al Khaimah, Vermeer Stump Cutters, Brush Chippers, Mini Skid steers and Pedestrian Trenchers performs the work efficiently in the most demanding conditions.
  • Wood Waste Recycling in the UAE: Using an innovative way of recycling palm tree waste, Dubai based companies developed a sustainable and environmentally clean way of meeting the UAE’s high demand for wooden board products using out Vermeer horizontal Grinders or Tub Grinders to make a maximum use of the Palm Tree Wood Waste.
  • Micro Trenching for Fiber Optics Installation in the UAE: In response to the fast developments in the Communication Utility Installation in the UAE as well as all over the world, Vermeer also provides the Micro Trenching Attachment on the Vermeer RTX550 tractor especially to meet the needs of customers installing Fiber Optics in urban areas with narrow trenches and shallow width.
  • Solar Energy UAE: Over the past several years, renewable energy sources – like solar – have become increasingly important contributors to the world’s store of available energy. To answer the need for quick-working, accurate equipment, Vermeer has developed the robust, productive PD10 Pile Driver. The PD10 has been specifically designed to meet the tight tolerances demanded by commercial solar contractors and the expansive solar fields they install. View our overview of Pile Drivers equipments.

Why Vermeer UAE

  • Highly qualified Vermeer technicians
  • Free training & support for customers
  • Availability of parts in the UAE
  • Official UAE Vermeer dealer
  • Always responds within 24 hours

For a complete overview of our heavy equipment such as our construction equipment, please refer to the equipment section.

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