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Putting the Vermeer® D220x300S Navigator® horizontal directional drill to work

“There is a big demand for large diameter work around the region,” said the operations manager for Sta Clara. “We already had a pair of D100x120 Series II Navigator horizontal directional drills in our fleet, but it was time to upgrade to an even bigger maxi rig. We decided to invest in the D220x300S because Vermeer equipment performs well and is durable — when it comes to maxi rigs, Vermeer is the only brand we trust.”

The Vermeer D220X300S Navigator horizontal directional drill with a maximum thrust/pullback rating of 1076.9 kN (242,100 ft-lb) that they purchased from Vermeer Middle East FZCO in 2017.

Vermeer Directional Drill D220X300

On the job performance

Sta Clara has kept their Vermeer D220x300S drill busy, completing gas, water, sewer, telecom and power line installation bores ranging from 150 mm to 1000 mm (5.9t to 39.4 in) in diameter. And recently, the Sta Clara crew used its Vermeer maxi rig to complete three long drill shots under a sea canal in Qatar. Each bore was 1 meter (3.2 ft) in diameter and 300 meters (984 ft) in length.

“We were working in some hard ground conditions on this job and at depths up to 15 meters (49 ft),” “It was challenging, and we had to use a boat for locating, but we got the job done quickly and without any real issues.” Sta. Clara said.

Sta. Clara credits the ease of operation to their crew’s knowledge and on-the-job experience, along with investing in quality machinery and strong dealer support for the company’s impeccable track record and reputation for delivering excellent work.

The Vermeer D220x300S drill has been a huge asset for Sta. Clara on projects like the sea canal crossing. As per them, “The machine’s performance has exceeded our expectations. It’s both durable and compatible with our other rigs, which are two major benefits in helping us operate as efficiently as possible”


Beyond the machine

Usually, before making any equipment purchases, Sta. Clara thoroughly vets the dealer and the OEM, but when it comes to Vermeer equipment, they know exactly what they are getting. “We’ve been working with the team at Vermeer Middle East FZCO for years,”

“They have always given competitive pricing and affordable payment terms. In addition, we have access to all of the tooling, parts and services we need. Their team is knowledgeable about our business and always willing to help out. It’s an ideal partnership!”

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