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Rock Tests For Surface Mining

Your choice of surface miners is mostly affected by the ground conditions your machine will be digging in – Basically Rock Hardness.

To help you find out about that, our experts prefer to have a minimum of five or six samples from the entire project. The samples are cored and undergo the following tests by our experienced lab technicians:

  1. Unconfined compressive strength (UCS)
  2. Cylindrical and side compression
  3. Abrasivity (Cerchar Abrasivity Index)
  4. Indirect tension (Brazilian Test)
  5. Density
  6. Specific gravity

Vermeer has gone a step further and developed our own Energy Index Test. This test involves dropping a carbide tooth on top of the rock to measure the indentation. Depending on how high (measured in inches) you must drop the carbide tooth to get an indentation tells us what the likely chip factor is of that rock may be. This in turn indicates the estimated energy needed to break the rock.

The laboratory test results are provided to our customers in a written report with pictures of the sample cores before and after testing.

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