Fiber optics installation with Microtrenching technology

With the huge emerging need for fiber optics installation in congested urban areas, most of the contractors are using less disruptive methods that are also less costly and more convenient; The most important one is microtrenching. But what is microtrenching and what are the advantages?


What is micro trenching

Microtrenching is an installation method where a microtrenching machine (like the Vermeer micro trencher RTX550) is used to install fiber optics cable or conduit by digging a narrow and shallow trench on the side of the road. Trench dimensions range from 19.1 mm up to 57.2 mm wide and 20.3 cm up to 40.6 cm deep.


5 advantages of microtrenching

  1. Microtrenching is less costly: why Micro trenching cost per foot is lesser than other fiber optics installation methods -effective method of fiber optics installation? Because:
    a. Less Initial Cost: Microtrenching equipment (such as Vermeer micro trencher RTX550) reduces initial capital costs of the construction as the Installation costs of cutting the trench are quite low compared with other methods
    b. Less installation cost: fiber optics micro trenching technology minimal cutting width helps in reducing the installation cost and the cost in the amount of backfill grout needed.
    c. Less Restoration Cost: Micro trenching method reduces the restoration cost. While cutting, a vacuum system connected to the cutter wheel attachment cleanly diverts and transports the dry and dusty spoil away from the worksite. Once the conduit pipe is laid, the trench is backfilled with a grout compound
  2. Environmental limitations: Micro trenching process is sometimes the only solution to defeat environmental challenges of the jobsite where it’s somehow impossible to have a larger machine
  3. Less disruption: Microtrenching technology is the less disruptive way of fiber optics installation in urban residential areas.
  4. Existing utilities avoidance: Shallow depth trench excuted by a microtrencher (Vermeer RTX550, for instance) helps avoid encounters with existing utilities.
  5. Jobsite cleanliness: microtrenching is a viable method in fiber optics installation in urban areas thanks to jobsite cleanliness with vacuum spoil removal
    Video and images about micro trenching


Video and images about micro trenching

Micro trenching equipment in the Middle East

Vermeer Middle East is a supplier of microtrenching equipment for fiber cables installation. We can supply you with micro trenching machines as well as parts and accessories in:

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