The all-new fluid mixing system from Vermeer | The Vermeer MX300 Mixing System

Properly mixed drilling fluid is key in a drilling operation. Vermeer has recently launched the new Vermeer MX300 mixing system (the all new drilling fluid mixing system by Vermeer) which can help bring efficiency to the jobsite with a flexible tank configuration, narrow footprint and a wide-mouth hopper paired with a tapered bottom rectangular tank.


Main features of the all-new Vermeer MX300 Mixing System (fluid mixing system)

Difference in the tank capacity MX300 /1000 gallon tank capacity:

  1. Clean Mix: through the wide mouth hopper
  2. Powerful Performance with a 23HP engine
  3. Tapered Tanks design: helps reduce build up
  4. Convenient Configuration: Helps contractors to configure the system however needed
  5. Square body design for a smaller footprint to fit tow mixing system together on a trailer
  6. Easier serviceability through the roll jets at the top
  7. 16 gallon Fuel Tank
  8. Efficiently mixes high volumes of fluid (drilling fluids) for a variety of bores.

What is Drilling Fluid and why do you need to add drilling fluids during horizontal drilling?

Usually a “drilling mud” such as fluid bentonite clay is injected into the bore during cutting and reaming to stabilize the bore hole and remove soil cuttings. This is the main function of drilling fluid.

Drilling fluid properties depend on different factors, one of them is the soil components. Hence different Types of drilling fluids are manufactured. Drilling mud can be made from clay or polymers. If clay represents a large component of the native soil in the construction site, a polymer additive may be more appropriate.

The primary clay for drilling mud / drilling fluid is sodium montmorillonite (bentonite). Properly ground and refined bentonite is added to fresh water to produce a “mud.” The mud reduces drilling torque, and gives stability and support to the bored hole.

Fluid mixing is done accurately based on specific proportions because the drilling fluid must have sufficient gel strength to keep cuttings suspended for transport, and to provide lubrication between the pipe and the borehole on pullback.

Drilling fluids are designed to match the soil and cutter. They are monitored throughout the process to make sure the bore stays open, pumps are not overworked, and fluid circulation throughout the borehole is maintained.

Loss of circulation could cause a locking up and possibly overstressing of the pipe during pullback.

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