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We are to support your job.


We understand that being in the right place at the right time is the key to the success of today’s business. And we’re committed to getting you the sparepart you need exactly when you need it. Our speed of delivery ensures our customers increased uptime, resulting in more efficient operations and timely completion of projects.


We have many options for supplying spare parts and tools, so in any case we will find an opportunity to satisfy your need.

And this is not just a goal, but part of our culture and business philosophy. Day after day. We strive to ensure that our clients not only meet their needs, but also get even more. And Vermeer Central Asia no matter how unique the spare part you need is, we will find it and deliver it to you in the shortest possible time!

Our partner network extends throughout the CIS. We are joining forces with our exceptional partners to better serve all your needs.

Vermeer Parts & Accessories

Vermeer Partners

BAROID provides drilling fluids and grouting mud.

KENNAETAL provides teeth and tooling options.

DCI manufactures horizontal directional drilling locating equipment.

McLaughlin provides locating equipment.

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