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Products categories in this industry

High-Pressure Mud Pumps

With the addition of a high-pressure mud pump to the pipeline equipment lineup, Vermeer offers contractors a one-stop shop for major components of pipeline drilling operations. On a job with tight deadlines, contractors can work easier knowing they are supported by quality equipment and a knowledgeable dealer network.

Pipeline Directional Drills

Field-tested to demonstrate they can handle the most exacting large-diameter projects, Vermeer horizontal directional drills are equipped with the features operators need to get the job done. Conquer difficult river crossings and the toughest ground conditions with the Vermeer lineup of powerful maxi rigs. Designed with your feedback on the unique challenges faced on pipeline jobsites, our directional drills are set apart by the expert service and support provided by the Vermeer network of factory-trained dealers and service technicians.

Pipeline Trenchers

Vermeer has the right trencher for a wide range of trenching jobs, including pipeline distribution, power, water, sewer, gas, and underdrain installations and other heavy-duty trenching tasks. Time- and contractor-tested Vermeer trenchers have cut through some of the world’s toughest landscapes. Built hard-nosed to power through soft soils to abrasive rock, the Vermeer family of trenchers has been an asset on the pipeline for 50 years. Whether you’re cutting through hard rock or installing a cross-country pipeline, Vermeer has a trenching solution to meet your needs.


The right water reclaimer can prove invaluable on horizontal directional drill jobsites located in areas with high dump fees, long distances to and from the dumpsite, highly regulated areas or where water is scarce. Vermeer reclaimers can help make a big impact on your jobsite – particularly on large-scale pipeline projects – by reducing the amount of drilling fluid additives and fresh water required to complete installations.
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